Former Denver Bronco Player 
Vance Johnson

Vance is a survivor.

He achieved the highest levels of athletic success as a young man despite growing up in a toxic childhood environment in Trenton, New Jersey. His athletic prowess landed him on the biggest and brightest stages; including the NCAA Track & Field Championships, the Pan American games and ultimately the NFL gridiron. His speed on the field was matched by an equally fast paced and chaotic lifestyle off the field. Unfortunately, he repeated the cycle of his youth: failed relationships, alcoholism and addiction.

A 26-day alcohol induced coma and the devastating grief of losing his son as the innocent victim of an unrelated drunk driving incident led him to the darkest depths of humanity. Thankfully, the grace of God intervened and led an NFL colleague in recovery to his bedside pleading with him to seek treatment. This wasn’t his first attempt with rehab, but today with the incredible support system he’s attracted and an invigorating drive to help others who are in the throes of addiction, we stand confidently behind him as he Owns His Sobriety. Springs Recovery Connection and Vance believe everyone deserves the opportunity to live a healthy life, which is why he is bringing his inspiring story of his journey towards a lifetime of recovery to share with our beautiful Colorado Springs community.


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